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Graphite Electrodes is used for the electric arc furnace industry

Graphite Electrodes is used for the electric arc furnace industry

Graphite electrodes are used for the recycling of steel in the electric arc furnace industry, so called “mini-mills”. They are also used in the refining of steel as well as in the non ferrous industries, where smelting processes are in use. We do not simply provide graphite electrodes and connecting pins as standalone products to our customers. Rather, the focus is on the delivery of an entire “product system”, supported by sales and technical experts from the receipt of the customer’s order, throughout the entire production process, to final consumption in the steel plants.

Super long Graphite Electrode:

In the past, the maximum electrode length supplied was 2,900 mm. The new fully integrated graphite facility in Banting (Malaysia) is capable of producing electrodes up to a length of 3,600 mm. The “super long” graphite electrodes provide the following advantages for each customer:

  • Less jointing due to longer electrodes – therefore fewer joint issues

  • Decrease of electrode jointing time due to fewer joints leading to increased productivity

  • Less electrode columns in parking position will yield less oxidation and graphite losses

  • Lower production costs resulting from increased number of heats between electrode additions

For details about the supply please contact your individual sales contact.

Properties and Characteristics – Matching your needs

The graphite electrode load diagram shows mean values based on our experience. Precise evaluation is only possible under specific furnace conditions.

Graphite electrodes from ZSC are designed for increased productivity and customer value. Our continuous improvements in material properties as well as increased dimensions provide the customer the benefit of applying higher current loads.

Simulation left: Current density in bottom joint Simulation right: Temperature inside electrode tip after high current load

Mechanical Joining Procedure

A sufficiently high and well-defined torque is essential to ensure the proper performance of the electrode joint. For diameters exceeding 450 mm / 18 inches, mechanical joining with torque control by a hydraulic assembly station or robot joining is highly recommended.

For details please refer to the brochure in the download section or contact directly the technical service responsible.

Graphite Electrode Production Process and Application:

Graphite Electrodes Production Process

Graphite Electrodes Crude Stee production

Graphite Electrodes Essential consumable