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Multiple services of ZSC

Multiple services of ZSC

We help to optimization of ElectrodePerformance, monitoring and analysis of factors affecting electrodeperformance.




•Oxygenand Burners





We provide Equipment Consultation. Ourglobal presence gives us an independent overview of all EAF equipment andtechnology. We can help you in your new project planning and your new furnacestart-up.


•ProductivityPlanning and Capability

•DesignLayout and Vetting

•CustomizedTraining Seminars (On Site)

•ElectrodeHandling Basics



•ElectrodePhase Rotation

•PowerPrograms Regulation



Use the Arc Furnace Analyzer and otherlatest technology to analyze and optimize arc furnace electrical operation.


•UniqueDC EAF Expertise


•PowerCurves (Circular Diagrams)

•High-SpeedMeasurement and Fourier Analysis

•FurnaceRegulation Checks


•ShortCircuit Test and Phase Balancing

•Determinationof Phase Sequence Line


•ShortCircuit Reactance

Help with EAF Steel Practices.

Through our close and confidentialrelationship with customers, operating more than 2000 electric arc furnaces inmore than 80 countries, we have an unparalleled view of arc furnaceperformance.

•Comparativeanalysis through benchmarking

•Adviceand Training on best practices

ZSC provides latest Arc Furnace Technology.Through our extensive technical contact with the steelmaking community. we areabreast of all the latest thinking on steel technology. Our experts can help inunderstanding the implication of these developments.