Graphite electrode scraps | Gr

Graphite electrode scraps | Graphite scraps | Carburant

Graphite electrode scraps | Gr

Graphite scrap | graphite electrode scrap: The graphite scrap has different definitions in different materials. Some materials and literature call all graphite particles which are relatively small graphite scrap (such as graphite powder); while another opinion is that graphite products have different sizes and the products in blocks are called graphite scrap. The graphite scrap referred herein is the second type and is also called graphite block. The graphite scrap is produced during graphitisation and machining of graphite products. It is used as the graphite waste for additives and conductive materials in steelmaking and casting industries. It can also be processed according to customer's size requirements. They are also widely used in electric arc furnaces (steelmaking) and electrochemical furnaces (metallurgical and chemical industries). 

Graphite products of HP Graphite have excellent electrical conductivity, compact structure, low elastic modulus, high strength, low ash content and anti-oxidation function. 

Characteristics of graphite scraps of HP Graphite: 

  • Primary material 
  • High purity 
  • Wide application 
  • The carbon content is as high as 99%. 
  • The sulphur content is as low as 6%. 
  • Strong supply ability; only 20 days is needed for 100 tons of products. 
  • First-class after-sales service; products can be returned for quality problems at any time. 

Physical and chemical indexes of fine-particle graphite scrap | graphite electrode scrap

Serial No   Carbon content              Sulphur content  Moisture content              Volatile           。 Granularity               

Minimum Maximum Maximum Maximum Particle size distribution: 90% 

We provide the full range products all along, including UHP, HP and RP grade graphite electrodes.

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