Quality Control

Excellent quality is a bridge to the world. To improve the quality of products in order to meet customer needs. From the point to the surface, from the details to the overall situation, from the raw material to the equipment, from technology to management, ZSC always insists on the high quality with unremitting efforts, we are brave to surpass ourselves and improve the brand value steadily.


ZSC has a complete set of production facilities. We control the parameters strictly in every process to ensure high quality graphite electrode.


The Most Professional Forming Machine

ZSC has one 3500-ton forming machine, one 2500-ton forming machine and one 1500-ton forming machine, Computer automatic batching system, Quick heating system for dry material; Cooling system for cool material and Vacuuming system. They all provide basis to products high quality graphite electrode.

  • 3500-ton forming machine
  • 2500-ton forming machine
  • 1500-ton forming machine
The Most Professional Forming Machine of Graphite Electrode
The Ring Type Baking Furnace of Graphite Electrode

The Ring Type Baking Furnace

Annually first baking capacity 50000 tons. ZSC has four ring type baking furnaces, One 18-can, one 20-can, one 24-can and one 36-can ring type baking furnace.

  • 36-can ring type baking furnace
  • 24-can ring type baking furnace
  • 20-can ring type baking furnace
  • 18-can ring type baking furnace

The Tunnel Furance

Annually second baking capacity 50000 tons. ZSC has one tunnel furnace, and has high pressure impregnation workshop.

  • Baking capacity 50000 tons
  • High pressure impregnation workshop
The Tunnel Furance of Graphite Electrode
Graphitization Workshop of Graphite Electrode

Graphitization Workshop

ZSC has three graphitization workshops, It is equipped with two 20000KVA transformers and one 4000KVA transformer. Annual capacity 50000 tons graphitized products.

  • Three graphitization workshops
  • 20000KVA transformers
  • 4000KVA transformer
  • Annual capacity 50000 tons graphitized products

Full-automatic nipple production line

ZSC has two electrode machining production lines, one nipple machining production line. It is equipped with three sets of ring gauge made of Japan and other high precision measuring tools to ensure the precision requirements of the products.

  • Electrode machining production lines
  • Nipple machining production line
  • High precision measuring tools
Full-automatic nipple production line of Graphite Electrode


Electrode inspection of graphite electrode

Electrode inspection

ZSC has specified data of parameter relatesto product quality, from raw material, semi-product to finished product, andinspect, file and analysis to the actual parameter.

Nipple inspection of graphite electrode

Nipple inspection

We have strict control of quality, meetcustomers’ precision requirements, and strive to consider every detail for thecustomer to ensure the reliability in the process of use.