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What are the advantages of graphite electrodes?

Graphite electrode has the advantages of simple processing, high removal rate of EDM and low graphite loss. Therefore, some customers of group-based spark machine give up copper electrode and use graphite electrode instead. In addition, some special shaped electrodes can not be manufactured with copper, but graphite is easier to form, and copper electrodes are too heavy to process large electrodes. All these factors lead to the application of graphite electrodes by some customers of group-based spark machines.

Ink electrode is easy to process, and the processing speed is obviously faster than copper electrode. For example, the processing speed of graphite by milling is 2-3 times faster than that of other metals, and no additional manual treatment is needed, while the copper electrode needs manual grinding. Similarly, if graphite electrode manufacturers use high-speed graphite processing centers to manufacture electrodes, the speed will be faster, the efficiency will be higher, and there will be no dust problem.

What are the advantages of graphite electrodes?

ZSCgraphite electrode manufacturer tells you that graphite has the following excellent properties that copper can't match:

Machining speed: high-speed milling roughing is 3 times faster than copper, and high-speed milling finishing is 5 times faster than copper.

It has good machinability and can realize complex geometric modeling.

Light weight, less than 1/4 of copper density, easy to clamp the electrode;

The number of single electrodes can be reduced, because they can be bundled into composite electrodes.

Good thermal stability, no distortion and no processing burr;